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EBTA2020 - Back to the Futures

EBTA2020 is not yet another EBTA conference, but the first one to take place in Denmark. We’re thrilled to wellcome you to a piece of our beautiful country in the city of Helsingør, wellknown from Shakespeares Hamlet and Kronborg. We’re looking forward to host a conference - not about “to be or not to be” as Hamlet said, - but about how to create the future with what ever we bring from the past, especially our solution focused past - present and future. Our aim is by focusing on our present practice, while talking about our solution focused heritage, together to reflect on the future we are moving into - your direction, my direction, our direction.

The conference have four themes as described below. Each theme have a track of workshops, keyspeaks and events, thus you can follow just one track during the conference and immerse yourself into only one theme, or you can shift around due to your interest or field of practice. The choice is up to you, - we have created the opportunity to choose.

One conference - Four themes

2: practice AROUND EUROPE


“Back to the futures” is the name of this conference. Looking back, make one realize, that you once were in “the land of choices” and this gave the ability of creating many futures. And still you chose the one you. This conf’ve lived. This conference theme can be seen in the same way: once the solution focused approach was develop by Steve and Insoo, and some similar ideas by Luc Icebart at the Korzitsky Institut. BRIEF in London have simplified the approach the most, others have combined it the EMDR, or Marts Meo and others have been influenced by hypnoses or ideas from Wittgenstein, Ericsson or…. This is an opportunity for all to be familiar with “what’s going on at my nabos house” or “I’ll show you, what I’ve been developed”.

EBTA along with SFBTA have for years supported research in solution focused practice, both on a quite practical level and concrete research projects. Research related to the solution focused approach, not only document and validate the approach and practice, but also helps spread the word of SF. This conference theme will put highlight on new research results, provide a setting for upcoming researchers to meet and talk to experienced ones and last but not least to create a platform for practitioners to talk about, how we in our future solution focused practice can learn and benefit from the research of today - and best of all, how can we support the research of tomorrow.


3: political & cultural influencer

The solution focused approach was developed in the ‘80, and ever since practitioners over the word have set their fingerprints on the approach by adding on new elements or deleted other or integrated ideas from other approaches e.g. Thus today there’s a variation of fields of practice. Wonder how solution focused will look like in 10 or 20 years, and wonder what you will be seeing practitioners be doing in order to say; wauw, they’re working from a solution focused approach. This conference theme will focus on the basic presumptions of solution focused Practice in order to define - if possible - the core of the approach, thus we in the future can identify solution focused practice. What do you need to see me be doing for you to say, I’m working in a solution focused way?

The Solution-Focused Collective have presented the Solution Focused Manifesto for Social Change, A group of practitioners who “share a belief in the potential of the solution-focused approach for helping in the creation of social change towards greater social justice”, and an example of how the solution focused approach can be seen as a political and cultural influencer. This conference theme are focusing on how, if and where the solution focused approach can be useful beside the fields of practice we already are familiar with. The policeforce are an example of upcoming fields of practice, what else? How can we get political attention towards the approach, and how can we support each other in spreading the solution focused ideas across nations and borders, no matter culture, religion, politic, race, age, gender … background.


Saturday evening we’re having dinner and party at the Konventum. Dinner and dancing is included in the conference fee. You only have to pay for your drinks.